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Jonathan Manning - Oakville, Ontario, Canada
My uncle Dale gets his car serviced at dennis'. he's got a 1955 chevy and i think that dennis' shop does good work he just recently got air conditioning put in lookin forward to checkin it out in the warm summer.

Raj Vemulapalli - Oakville, ON, Canada
Just booked an appointment for Monday 30 July 07 so let us see how it goes. I live in Oakville and Dennis' serving this community for more than 17 years so hopefully I have made a right decision to get my vehicle serviced at his workshop. Looking forward to it.
Rick Cameron - Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Had a friend recommend Dennis as I had a small leak in my wifes 99 CRV exhaust which the dealer had recommended a full exhaust system to repair. Dennis squeezed me in on a Saturday morning, installed a few new flange gaskets and hardware and I was out the door in less than an hour, at a fraction of the dealers estimated cost.
Spencer C - Oakville, Ont, Canada
Dennis just certified my 1998 Dodge Ram 2500, very thorough and quite happy with the work he did. Thanks!!
Angie Glover - Oakville, Ontaro, Canada
Hi, I have a 2006 Acura TSX. I have just had my front brake pads replaced at the dealership but need the back done also. Would you be able to provide a quote? I would like to compare before going back. They have also said my battery needs to be replaced. Thanks